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Take The Exam For The Social Media Marketing Masterclass And Join The SME Heroes Certified Marketer Programme
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    Exam For The SME Heroes Certified Marketer Programme

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The SME Heroes Certified Marketer Programme

Take The SME Heroes Social Media Marketing Masterclass Exam and join the SME Heroes Certified Marketer Programme!*

*Please Note, you will need to have taken the Social Media Marketing Masterclass before you take this Exam!

Learn how to market online ethically and successfully with advanced marketing skills, a powerful marketing philosophy and core content creation skills training.

Prove to your customers / employers that you have invested in your training and are being held to the highest standards professionally!

Programme Details

One-time fee, USD incl VAT
What Is Included In The Programme:
  • Get Access To The Exam - Take it as many times as you want!
  • Pass The Exam And Become An SME Heroes Certified Marketer And Get These Additional Benefits:
  • Get Listed On SME Heroes - You will be listed on the SME Heroes Website (with a link to your site) as a Certified Marketer - Customers will be able to see exactly what you have been trained in as an online marketer.
  • Display Your Certified Marketer Badge - Show potential customers that you can deliver the services they need in an ethical manner by sharing your badge on your website and social profiles.
  • Get  Listed In The Popular Facebook Group Run By SME Heroes - You will be able to post your services in the group as an approved marketer so that customers who are looking for a marketer can see your approved status and contact you with potential job enquiries.
  • Get Access to a Private Facebook Support Group for Certified Marketers ONLY - where you can get help and support when setting up your consultancy or help with the exam and certification.

How It Works:

Once you have passed the Exam (85% pass rate required), just contact us by email and we will set you up as an SME Heroes Certified Marketer!

Programme Terms

Only Ethical Marketers Need Apply:

SME Heroes reserves the right to remove any member from the programme if it is shown evidence that they are behaving in an unethical way as a marketer.

What Are The Standards?

  1. An 85% pass rate for the exam is required for a marketer to be added to the programme.
  2. Any marketer that is shown to be using 'black hat' methods will be removed from the programme.
  3. Any marketer who is discourteous to a customer will be considered for removal.
  4.  Any marketer who engages in spamming will be removed from the programme.
  5. SME Heroes reserves the right to define the term unethical and can broaden the meaning beyond what is stated here.
  6. By joining this programme you are agreeing to adhere to these marketing standards and terms explicitly.
  7. No refunds will be supplied if you have been deemed to have acted unethically and have been removed from the programme. 
  8. We only certify individuals - the certification is non-transferable.
Why So Strict?

The SME Heroes Certified Marketer Programme offers end users the assurance that they have joined a viable programme that has the highest standards for its members.

It also reassures YOUR potential clients that they can trust you as a member of this programme to deliver ethical marketing.

Join over 100,000 Students Worldwide 

Join over 100,000 Students Worldwide who have already taken marketing classes from SME Heroes over the last 5 Years!

"I'd give this course ten stars if I could; it exceeded my expectations that much. It's an incredible value for the price.

The course title is "Social Media Marketing Masterclass" and it does cover social media marketing very well.

Then it goes far beyond that one subject to provide an understanding of the entire scope and the options in digital marketing.

I've taken some courses in which the instructor rambled and went off on side tangents, which is distracting when trying to focus on learning. There's none of that here. The material is well organized, and the instructor stays on point throughout.

The information in the course gave me a big-picture understanding of the subjects as well as practical information I can put to immediate use.

Buy this course. You won't be disappointed."

Michelle Shonessy

    Exam Subjects:

    Mark Timberlake

    I am an absolute beginner, and was nervous about not being able to understand or apply the info. The course is not only extremely informative, but I could also apply ideas right away. Very easy to understand, and i love the demonstrations from the computer screen. The ideas behind marketing are actually really fascinating, I found myself really looking forward to beginning a new section, and enjoying the "homework" exercises.

    ~ Allison Knier